Diamond Pole Studios Workshops
May 6, 2024 Medford, Oregon

Super excited to visiting Diamond Pole Studios in Medford again and bringing a full line up of workshops for EVERY level of poler!

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3 Workshops: ALLthethings3

Scroll down for a more detailed break down of workshops as well as any pre-requisites.


Brass Monkey Palooza Workshop  (ALL LEVELS)

May 6th, 5:00pm – 6:15pm at Diamond Studio in Medford, Oregon!

• Pre-req: 

A solid climb and comfortable with a genie from any entrance.

• Description: 

How many brass monkey ins and outs can you list and execute? Whether it is none or a handful, we’ll be adding to your bag of tricks and transitions with this workshop centered around all things brass monkey! There is something for every level of poler here, whether you are new to or have never been upside down or have a solid brass monkey and are looking for new and creative ways to work it into your intermediate or advanced combos. We’ll be learning new ways to get into and out of brass monkey as I share my love for my all time favorite pole shape. There will be variations for every level of poler as well as modifications for all shapes, sizes, learning styles, comfort and skill level.

Twizzles & Thread Thrus Static Pole Workshop

May 6th, 3:30pm – 4:45pm at Diamond Studio in Medford, Oregon!

• Pre-req: 

Leg hang (solid inside or outside). Ideally a brass monkey but can be a work in progress and should be familiar with cupid but you don’t need to love it or feel 100% solid with it to make magical transitions. 

• Description: 

Thread throughs and twizzles for both spin and static pole. Take moves you are familiar and comfortable with and put a new swizzle on your transitions, moving from one move to the next in ways you might not have thought possible. We’ll be taking some of your pole foundations to a whole new level to challenge your body and brain as well as tantalize your audience should you choose to show off your twizzle skills.


Pick A Trick Pole Workshop  (ALL LEVELS)

May 6th, 6:30pm – 7:45pm at Diamond Studio in Medford, Oregon!

• Pre-req: 

Have been doing pole regularly for at least a month

• Description: 

Do you have a move, trick, or transition that you’ve always wanted to learn or are struggling to master? This workshop is the choose your own adventure of workshops! Bring your requests either by name, a picture or a video of what is on your bucket list and we’ll troubleshoot and break it down for you as needed. You can come with specific moves or transitions in mind or broad requests, such as, “where can I go from my _____?” But don’t worry if you don’t have anything in mind at the time of the workshop, no pressure to come with a request. Based on your favorite pole moves and current skill level you will come away with a trick or transition to add to your bag of tricks!