The handspring is one of those bucket list moves in pole.  It’s a pivotal move that separates the Intermediate trickster from the advanced.  It is also one of the moves that I see a large number of polers injuring their shoulders with.  Majoirty of the time these injuries are due to poor body mechanics and improper technique.  I’ve spent over a decade exploring and studying body mechanics, injury prevention and ways to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient and safe way.  This training program will take the guess work out of your training and get you to your handspring goals sooner and safer!

Here’s the plan!

1) Click that ‘Buy Now’ button bellow and purchase your online workshop

2) Download the online workshop or stream it online 

3) Print out or download the step by step training PDF

4) Start making strides on the fast track towards your handspring, deadlift and iron x with a safe and effective, tried and true training plan.


*This Workshop is for ALL levels and will give you building blocks to work your way up towards your first handspring, your deadlift and your iron-x regardless of where you are starting right now.

*This online workshop will be yours to reference as many times as you like.  That way you can refer back to it as you progress and are ready to move on to the next step.

*Full tutorial included on how to use Rubberbanditz to train for your deadlift and iron-x.  To purchase your band, if needed, use promo code: EBFITBANDS and click HERE.


Backwards Spinning Invert Pole Tutorial. This tutorial will break down the tips and tricks to help you invert backwards on spinning pole. Yes, there is absolutely a strength component to inverting but especially on spinning pole there are some basic physics and mechanics that will make achieving this move more quickly attainable. The centripetal force of the spinning pole can be used for good or evil. Using this tutorial breakdown you’ll learn how to harness the benefits of spinning pole to make you fly.

Elizabeth is a kinesiologist and aerialist; a cast member of EmCirque performance group, Oscillations dance company and a number of other aerialist performance groups. An educational background focusing on biomechanics with emphasis on developing personal movement, Elizabeth focuses on proper body alignment for optimal sport performance and injury prevention. Dedicated and passionate about pole, aerial and all things movement culture she is eager to share her knowledge and training with others. Her goal is to teach and instill proper technique, confidence, motivation and love for all things pole, aerial and movement related in everyone she works with.