So often I get asked how long I have been training in pole and aerial.  How long you have been poling is often irrelevant.  It’s not practice makes perfect but PERFECT practice makes perfect.  What took my poling to a whole new level of strength was focusing on conditioning.  When I got a pole at home I made myself a list of conditioning drills to do on a regular basis.  This is what I am bringing to you in this ebook, your conditioning drills to take your pole fitness to a whole new level.  Once you reach a certain base level of strength and flexibility you can do just about any trick or combo that is thrown at you.  So often people get wrapped up in checking tricks off their list, wanting to simply learn the next trick and the next trick but they don’t necessarily have the strength or flexibility.  This results in the pole enthusiast never fully mastering the majority of the tricks.  Better yet, go back to your basics.  It comes down to your basics! If your basics are strong and clean, your advanced moves will be strong and clean.  If you short change your basics you will never reach that advanced level of poling because every new move will be a frustrating struggle.  It is like in math, if you are trying to learn algebra but you never mastered the basics of multiplication and division you will always be struggling.  So make sure your basics are strong, and your long term skills will be stronger.  Trust me on this, it will be so worth it in the long run!


Flexibility and range of motion is crucial to proper body mechanics and injury prevention.  Whether you are an aerialist, a body builder or basketball player, stretching should be a part of your regular training schedule.  Regular stretching will increase your athletic performance and reduce sports related injuries.  This ebook is meant to be an intro to stretching so as to offer a relatively basic stretching routine to start you on your way to a healthier and more flexible you.


Struggling to find time to exercise or workout?  Calisthenics, body weight training can be done just about anywhere, anytime! Calisthenics is the practice of using your body weight with the intended purpose of developing strength, health, and coordination.  The great thing about calisthenics training is that it can be done just about anywhere and requires little to no equipment to train. Another advantage is its adaptability to a broad range of body types and fitness goals.  Whether you are an aerialist looking to cross train or someone who is simply looking to make some life changes and improve your fitness level, calisthenics training is adaptable to both.  You can train in the comfort of your own home, in a gym, or at a park while your kids are playing alongside you.

This calisthenics ebook will break down the basics that will enable you to build an elite level full body workout that can be accommodated by even the busiest of lives and schedules.   There are modification options so that anybody, regardless of your current strength level can do it.  Doesn’t matter what your strength or skill level is, it is never too early or too late to start.


Training with bands is a great way to overcome training plateaus and crush your pole goals.  This new ebook will break down how to condition and train many of your bucket list pole moves (handspring deadlift, iron-x, brass monkey press-up).  This ebook has something for every level of poler, whether you are working towards your first invert or seeking that elusive iron-x.

Don’t have your own set of Rubberbanditz yet to train with?  The ebook will help you know which band width is best suited for what you are currently working on.  

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